George's Market

We're Your Local Butcher

Raised in Thunder Bay

George’s Market is a neighbourhood butcher where you can pick up a succulent steak for the barbeque, a prime rib roast for Sunday Dinner or a selection of cold cuts for packed lunches. Family owned and operated, we take great pride in providing your family with the finest selection of meats; from beef, lamb and chicken, to veal, pork and sausages.

AAA Beef

All of our meats are aaa, top quality and freshly cut.

Delicious Delis

The most delicious variety of deli meats and in-house made specialties.

Quality and Service

Feel free to ask our Butcher help you with a custom cut!

Fill Your Freezer

Save money when you by in bulk with our Freezer Filler Packages.



Freshly Cut Before Served